Guitar Bootcamp Summer 2019 Mellier

Guitar Bootcamp summer 2019, Ardennes. The second Guitar Bootcamp summer camp took place in the week of 20 to 26 July. For the second to a following year we were again at the beautiful location in the Ardennes. GID (Guitar Institute Dordrecht) organized this week in which a group of 12 participants between 15 and 67 years old immersed themselves in music from Saturday to Wednesday evening to familiarize themselves with the various aspects of playing the guitar.

Good tools are half the battle …

We had a great program again this year. The days started with a good warm-up accompanied by Mika Pors. After this the group was split in two and the guitar lessons started. Twice an hour and a half were taught by either Leif de Leeuw, or Richard Hallebeek or Maarten Pors himself. Several workshops were also given this year. Angelo van Merienboer and Pannucci Guitars,
 among others, came by on Sunday evening to give a “guitar tuning” workshop. After explaining what to pay attention to and how, for example, to intonate or to set a neck properly, everyone was also individually assisted in adjusting his or her guitar by Angelo himself. This was a great success. We went in for the rest of the week with fully tuned guitars. To reinforce the holiday feeling even more, on Tuesday afternoon it was even planned to recover a bit and explore the area, or to chill in and around the building and of course practice hard; ).


Richard Hallebeek and Leif de Leeuw

Richard Hallebeek was present on Sunday and Monday by the readers of the magazine “De Gitarist”, the “best guitarist of the Benelux in the jazz fusion category”. Richard is one of the few Dutch guitarists who can say that he graduated with honors degree at the conservatory of Amsterdam. He has played and / or recorded with people like Scott Henderson, Frank Gambale, Allan Holdsworth, Carl Verheyen and Guthrie Goven and has won several major awards. Monday afternoon Leif de Leeuw (blues, rock and country) took over from Richard. The young guitarist won several prizes including twice the “Sena Young Talent Guitar Award” (2009/2013) and four times in a row “Best Blues / Rock Guitarist Benelux” by readers the magazine “The Guitarist”. Together with initiator and Blues Guitarist Maarten Pors, they provided the lessons at the boot camp. Both Leif and Richard were present on Monday evening. First the teachers performed a show together, after which the participants were not denied the chance to jam with the pros. This also became a great evening.


Whole lotta pedals!

Armand Gabeler attended a BOSS pedals clinic on Tuesday evening. A fun, energetic demo in which Armand explained everything about Boss pedals and effects in general and answered questions. After this, there was still a lot of jamming with Armand, Leif and Maarten.


Thought of everything

The inner man was also thought of The kitchen team, consisting of Judith Porsen Roel Jacobs provided very tasty, varied meals. Special diets such as vegetarianism were also taken into account. To make the holiday feeling complete, the Tuesday afternoon was freely planned to explore the area, practice or just chill out!


9 Out of 10

With an average “grade” of 9 and quotes as; “An inspiring holiday with” Like-minded “guitar enthusiasts. And that too in a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere. and “I thought it couldn’t have been better after last year. We succeeded anyway! ”We are more than satisfied and look back on a fantastic week. Without the team, the teachers and the participants this would not have been possible !!


Thanks to:

Leif de Leeuw

Richard Hallebeek

Hook Amplifiers

Panucci Custom guitars

ChickenPicks Guitar picks

Ernie ball

BOSS Benelux

the Guitarist

Roel Jacobs and Judith Pors; the kitchen team

And of course all participants !!

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