Guitar Bootcamp at the Vintage Guitar Show in Veenendaal   

The Vintage Guitar Show will take place in Veenendaal on Saturday 21 September. This time Guitar Bootcamp is on the show. The fair is entirely devoted to (vintage) guitars. We have a great promotion with great prizes especially for the occasion. A large pot with ChickenPick guitar picks is on the stand. Guess how many are in a pot and win a free weekend of your choice! second prize is an annual subscription to the monthly Gitarist magazine.  

Are you coming to the Vintage Guitar Show? Then come and visit us!


John-F Klaver

John-F Klaver is a guest teacher for the “Learning to improvise” weekend. We are very happy to be able to add this fantastic guitarist to our teacher team!

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Ruben Hoeke

Ruben Hoeke is a teacher at the Guitar Bootcamp weekend in October. This weekend is entirely devoted to learning to improvise. We are very happy and proud that we can work together with this guitar hero.

Ruben Welcome !!

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BOSS Effect pedals

From the Blues Special a demonstration of BOSS effect pedals is given. A fun and very educational view of effects and how you use them.

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For the Blues Weekend, Algam (AB Music) offered to provide a set of strings for Ernie Ball for every participant. We are of course happy to respond to this. For the electric guitarist there is a set of Slinky strings and for the Acoustic guitarist a set of Paradigm.