Guitar Bootcamp – summer 2018

Guitar Bootcamp 2018 – Ardennes – In the week of July 28th to August 2nd, the first Guitar Bootcamp took place at a beautiful location in the Ardennes. Guitar Institute Dordrecht (GID) organized this week where a group of 15 participants between 15 and 67 years old immersed themselves in music from Saturday to Wednesday evening to learn the different aspects of guitar playing.

Making music all day, that’s great!

A boot camp means making hours and getting started! The days also started with a good work-out where the fingers were loosened. After this, the group was split up in two. There were 2 guitar lessons every day with a workshop or jam session in the evening. Between the lessons there was a lot of practice time:

Guitar Bootcamp - 2018 - Ardennen

“This is a great guitar bootcamp, according to a participant. “How often are playing guitar more than six hours a day?” And that thought was shared by other students: “I often take the time to practice in the summer, but then the guitar lessons stop, is your agenda fully planned with appointments you will not be able to meet and then your holiday will be over again “. “Nice to really be able to focus on the guitar now”.

Lesson and Jammen with Fusion guitarist Richard Hallebeek

Fusion guitarist Richard Hallebeek provided the lessons together with blues guitarist, guitar teacher and initiator of the guitar bootcamp Maarten Pors. Besides the lessons and workshops it is just great fun to jam with such good guitarists!

Between the guitar lessons, people could retreat alone or in groups on the large grounds or in their own rooms.







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