Blues Special GID with Leif de Leeuw

The best cure for the blues … is the blues!

Three days of guitar lessons, jamming, playing and discovering! During the “Blues Special” organized by GID, 17 enthusiastic blues guitarists were immersed in the blues with pentatonic scales in 5 blocks, and how you connect them, dynamics and different playing styles. Daily joint work-out to get the hang of it, lessons from Leif de Leeuw and Maarten Pors and evening jam sessions accompanied by a live band. There was also music throughout the day, where boundaries in the group faded: young, old, male, female, uut the North, or with a gentle G everyone inspires each other.

“Fun, educational, informative and enjoying with like-minded people” was the general tenor in the feedback forms.

a special thanks to our Sponsors!

In the time between lessons, the learned was processed, practiced and the inner man cared for. Many talked about chord schemes, licks, rhythms, harmony gear with a demonstration of BOSS pedals. During the weekend, students could try out the different pedals from BOSS, play on a real Panucci guitar – which was the first time for many participants – and try the picks of Chickenpicks or browse a guitarist by the fireplace. The strings of Ernie Ball were also received with cheers!


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